An Almighty Tantrum!

November 20, 2008


For weeks I have read comment upon comment accusing Prop 8 opponents of throwing tantrums because we did not get our way.  To which I screamed “WE DO NOT!  WE DO NOT!” (whilst throwing a tantrum about being accused of throwing a tantrum).  So, I give.  I am throwing a tantrum.

Reeva Dubois on why he’s glad Prop 8 passed:

I have no doubt – NONE – that the fallout of Prop 8 will ultimately lead to the federal legalization of same-sex marriage. It might not be next year or ten years from now, but it’s on its way. The gays around this country are organizing, protesting, reaching out to those who continue to misunderstand our lives and stories, and since I have faith in America and everything she represents, I know we will win. That’s why I’m glad Prop 8 passed – it has given the gay rights movement a solid foundation from which to throw an Almighty Tantrum, and we will NEVER shut up about it!

This full essay is beautifully written, thanks Reeva!