Biased Coverage of Prop 8?

November 20, 2008


My previous post regarding the California Supreme Court’s decision to hear cases regarding the legality of Prop 8 contains the text of a Sacramento Bee article.  Something seemed a bit off balance about the article to me, so I did a little math and found:

Total words in article

Words that relay facts, without opinion or editorial (the “important” words)

Words that present the opinion or reaction of the anti-gay marriage community.

Words that present the opinion of reaction of the pro-gay marriage community.

Um, what the hell?  Gay marriage opponents got more press space than the facts, and roughly 5 times the space of Prop 8 opponents?  This is journalism?


“All of ’em… Any of ’em” – Sarah Palin on the news sources she depends upon to keep up-to-date on the issues!

October 1, 2008


I may have mentioned I have an ear infection.  This sucks.   What also sucks is the state of our world in general, US politics more specifically, and Sarah Palin in particular.  I am not in a great mood and I truly thought I was beyond a political belly laugh at this point.  I was wrong…