Permission, Protest and Proposition 8

October 15, 2008


Updated on Election Day!  Whiners on Parade!

This election season I have followed Proposition 8 closely.  As part of the debate, I have seen and personally received a tremendous amount of negative feedback.  “Yes on Prop 8” dialog was expected, understandable and welcome.  Debate is a great thing. 

What surprised me is how many people take a negative view of me (and others) exercising our constitutional right to voice our opinion on this issue.  What I saw as legitimate engagement in the political process is, apparently, not valid.  It is not protest, or political activism, it is:

  • whining
  • trying to force a minority agenda on a majority of the people
  • shooting my mouth off
  • making the loudest noise
  • complaining
  • inappropriate
  • destined to fail

My favorite is “whining.”  In honor of Joe (see my original post and his comments below) and of “whining” I’ve posted pictures of my favorite whiners below (in no particular order).  I’ve added their names in case they are not immediately recognizable to you.  What a bunch of whiners!

Who are your favorite whiners?   I’ll post their pictures.



Harvey Milk



 Martin Luther King Jr.



Rosa Parks



Nelson Mandela



Sojourner Truth



Betty Friedan



Bella Abzug



Susan B Anthony & Eliabeth Cady Stanton



Cesar Chavez



Cindy Sheehan



The Burning Monk (protesting the Vietnam War)



Nehru and Ghandi



Daw Aung Sun Suu Kyi



The Dalai Lama



Larry Flynt


Readers’ Favorite Whiners:

Kids in the White House

From Michele, Amy Carter



From Rose, Bob Marley



From Jim, Mother Jones


Here’s the original post that prompted the “whining” comment:

November 4th is getting close, and things are not looking good for opponents of CA Prop 8 at the polls.  If the election were held today, it would pass.  Please try to remember that this is civil rights issue.  It’s not about the school system teaching your children to be gay, or even about whether or not you think it is ok to be gay.  It is about protecting the civil rights of committed gay couples.

I’m voting no on Prop 8 NOTto demand special rights because of the kind of sex I have.  I am voting no because I want my government to grant me the same rights as heterosexual married couples – no more and no less.  Once married, I know my partner and I will be held to the same level of responsibility as straight couples – and most people believe marriage is a stabilizing force in society.  I’m willing to accept both the priviledge and the responsibility of marriage.  I don’t want to be treated any differently than anyone else.

I know change is scary.  But gay people are not scary.  We are human beings who want to marry the people we love without asking for permission.  For us, this issue is about love.  It’s about commitment.  It’s about stability.  It’s about respect.  It’s about equality.  It’s not about me teaching your kid to be a queer.  Your child will, hopefully, be loved and respected for whatever he or she becomes in life.  A  no vote on Proposition 8 will help ensure that vision becomes a reality.

Please vote no on Prop 8.

Via Small Town Gay Blog, via We Do This.  We Do That.:


Here is a great 2004 MTV gay marriage ad that Tanene Allison posted on her blog today with the comments below. It pretty much kicks the ass of the No on Prop 8 ads, which are a little weak on the civil rights point. Please send to friends and family everywhere in California (ask them to pass on), post on blogs and Facebook! Prop. 8 is leading — please help to defeat it!