Prop 8 Proof

November 16, 2008


Some of the commments on my posts have indicated I neglected to post the necessary proof to support my allegations against the Mormon Church, and other supporters of the “Yes on 8” campaign. I disagree, somewhat, but I thought it might be helpful to compile my sources in one location.  Check back, I’ll add new things as I find them.  All will contain links to outside sources.

Who sent and signed the blackmail letter that was sent to major donors to the no campaign?

Was there really a letter, who has seen it?

Yes there was/is letter.  It was posted widely over the internet.  Here is an excerpt referring diectly to blackmail:

We respectfully request that Abbot & Associates withdraw it’s support of Equality California.  Make a donation of like amount to which will help us correct this error and restore Traditional Marriage.  A donation form is enclosed.  We will be most grateful and will advertise on our website Abbot & Associates’ generous contribution.

Were you to elect to not donate comparably, it would be a clear indication that you are in opposition to traditional marriage.  The names and of companies and organizations that choose not to donate in like manner to but have given to Equality California will be published.  It is only fair for Proposition 8 supporters to know which companies and organizations oppose traditional marriage.

And here is a link to a full copy of the original letter.  Here is a link to a piece about this in the Los Angeles Times.  On the LA Times you can also volunteer to “out” yourself as a supporter of No on 8.


On your site, I have seen the LDS church called out for their role in raising money for the Yes on 8 campaign, and I’ve also seen your list of the other top ten donors.  How do I know this list is true, and if it is true, who were the other top donors?

For all political donations (which is what a donation to either the Yes on 8 or the No on 8 campaign are), you are required to provide a certain amount of personal information.  That information is then compiled, tracked and made available to the public.  Anyone who is interested can obtain a full list of all donors of $100 or more (I’m not totally certain about that, I’ve also heard $50 or more).  As a member of the public you have right to see the list.  Here is a list of all individuals, organizations and businesses which have contributed $4,950 or more.  I have posted a list that combines both donors and activists to the No on 8 campaign.


Magic Mormon Underwear

November 13, 2008


<snort> These people want to tell me how to live my life? </snort>


Did you just eat your civil rights?

November 13, 2008


If you eat at a restaurant that donated money to the Yes on Proposition 8 campaign, you gave money too.   The list below is limited to ownership and decision-making upper management – no restaurant is being penalized because it’s employees made a decision to donate to Yes on 8.  The donors and donations have been verified.

  • Burger King
  • Outback Steakhouse
  • El Pollo Loco (specific locations)
  • Yard House
  • El Torito
  • Chevy’s
  • Alcapulco
  • El Coyote

There will be a protest rally today at El Coyote Cafe.  It’s important to support this protest, even though El Coyote’s Mormon owner has donated “only” $100 to support the passage of Prop 8.  This is a landmark LA restaurant.  It has fed and employed generations of LAs queers, taken their money and profitted off of their labor.  What a hypocrite she is!  (She also makes a huge profit on alcohol – isn’t that kinda anti Mormon?)

This list is via Kicking A Lion and can be verified at

Prop 8’s Failure

November 6, 2008


I tried to take a day to celebrate Barack Obama’s victory but it was hard.  It’s hard to be happy when the first constitutional amendment in US history is approved specifically to deny me, and roughly 300,000 other Californians, basic civil rights.  It’s hard to be happy when I think of 18,000 married couples waking up on November 5th to wonder if their marriages are valid.  It’s hard to be happy when a couple being married at a courthouse in Sacramento marriage was halted mid-ceremony.  Imagine that happening to you.  

I can’t help wondering what went wrong.  Who’s to blame?

Me– I didn’t do enough, I didn’t give enough, I couldn’t overcome my distaste of cold-calling to make phone calls.  I couldn’t face a conversation with a bigot, it scared me.  I’m demotivated because I don’t want to get married so maybe my commitment wasn’t strong enough.  I blame myself for not doing more.

Black & Latino Voters in LA County – You voted 2 to 1 for Prop 8.  Shame on you!  The church was used as an instrument to deny your civil rights for decades.  All racial minorities should be very wary of the erosion of church/state separation.  If you have religious concerns, read the language of the Supreme Court decision.  Did you bother to do that before voting yes?  It specifically protects the rights of churches, schools and parents who do not support gay marriage rights.  SHAME ON YOU!

The Mormon Church – Shame on you too.  You who fled across country to escape religious persecution.  You, whose founding father had 33 (that’s right, thirty three!) wives – making your opinion of marriage somewhat suspect.  Of all groups, LDS should be fearful of religious involvement in civil matters.  The way I see it is, after the religious right “wins” the battle against homosexuals (a fight led by the Mormon Church), you could be next.  Christian fundamentalists view the Mormon church as little more than a cult, and not at all Christian.

Many today are under the false impression that Mormonism is merely another Christian denomination, when in actuality, Mormon beliefs are not only unbiblical, but anti-Christian.

From Mormonism: Christian or Cult

Belief in the real Jesus Christ is the only way a man can receive forgiveness of sin and eternal life. The LDS, church in presenting a false Christ is, in fact, leading souls away from salvation and the real Jesus. They reject God’s truth and substitute another Jesus who does not exist and cannot save. Only those who believe in the Biblical Jesus Christ will go to heaven when they die. Those who put their trust in a false Christ will be eternally lost. Every true Child of God knows this, and that is why we try so hard to point men away from false churches, prophets, gods and Christs, that they may find God’s true Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, and be saved.

From Are Mormon’s Christian?: The Bible and LDS Scriptures Prove Conclusively that Mormons are Not Biblical Christians

You think it doesn’t matter what fundamentalist Christians think about Mormons?  It will when they start voting on your rights.

Apathetic / Poorly Educated Voters– Do you think I wanted to read the text of every measure on the ballot?  Did I want to go online and do research?  Did I want to take the time to be an educated voter?  Not so much.  We just got a Wii and that would have been a lot more fun.  But being an educated voter is my one job as a citizen and I do it.  So many of you voted incorrectly (yes when you meant no) because you hadn’t taken the time to understand.  Thousands more allowed the Mormon Church’s scare tactics to inform your vote.  They deliberately lied and mislead the people of California and you fell for it.

Evangelical Christians – You even scare other Christians.  Your position on gay marriage is consistent, so, aside from finding you freakish, cult-like and a threat to the constitution, your actions are understandable.  The Mormon church had to help you pass this amendment or it would not have won.  You’re no threat.


I, we, let religious fanatics determine our legal rights.  It won’t happen again.  This is not over.

No on Prop 8 – Home Invasion

November 3, 2008


A little late for Halloween, but here’s a short horror film for you.

Do Mormons Deserve Equal Protection Under the Law?

October 31, 2008


Via Do Mormons Deserve Equal Protection Under the Law?
Rick Jacobs of The Courage Campaign
Huffington Post, October 20, 2008

We take for granted that this nation was founded to allow for equality and acceptance of religious observation and belief, provided the government stays out of religion and religion stays out of government. Jews gained from that “tolerance” as much as anyone. And by the way, so did Mormons, who were chased across the country by Christians who found their latter-day teachings heretical, cultish and worthy of death.

Why are Mormons, some fundamentalist Christians and apparently the Roman Catholic Church arrayed to attack my rights? How do I in any way undermine any of the beliefs or institutions of those religions? I feel laid bare that people I do not know can vote secretly to remove my rights. This is, unfortunately, reminiscent of Nazi Germany’s Nuremberg Laws that led to Kristallnacht, that horrible event 70 years ago next month that resulted in the burning of over 200 synagogues and countless other Jewish-owned establishments. The Nazis stripped rights from Jews piecemeal until finally Jews lost the right to eat and then to live.

Mormons Reject Signed Letter from No on Prop 8 Advocates

October 31, 2008


This is a letter my partner and I signed.  The Mormon church declined to accept it.  All they had to do was take it, and they wouldn’t.