Did you just eat your civil rights?

November 13, 2008


If you eat at a restaurant that donated money to the Yes on Proposition 8 campaign, you gave money too.   The list below is limited to ownership and decision-making upper management – no restaurant is being penalized because it’s employees made a decision to donate to Yes on 8.  The donors and donations have been verified.

  • Burger King
  • Outback Steakhouse
  • El Pollo Loco (specific locations)
  • Yard House
  • El Torito
  • Chevy’s
  • Alcapulco
  • El Coyote

There will be a protest rally today at El Coyote Cafe.  It’s important to support this protest, even though El Coyote’s Mormon owner has donated “only” $100 to support the passage of Prop 8.  This is a landmark LA restaurant.  It has fed and employed generations of LAs queers, taken their money and profitted off of their labor.  What a hypocrite she is!  (She also makes a huge profit on alcohol – isn’t that kinda anti Mormon?)

This list is via Kicking A Lion and can be verified at laist.com.


Dishonor Roll – Top 11 “Yes on Prop 8” Donors

October 24, 2008


On October 20th, Fred Karger who runs the Californians Against Hate web site revealed on the Huffington Post in Mormon Power Grab: It’s Tearing Families Apart that:

Despite tough economic times, an amazing 59,000 Mormon families have succumbed to substantial pressure from church elders, and have given huge amounts of money to California’s Yes on 8 campaign. These Mormon families have given a staggering $18.6 million since June 1st and the total grows daily. This represents 77% of all money raised and 88% of all individual money raised (not including funds from the big out of state organizations). In Arizona where a gay marriage ban is back on the ballot after losing just two years ago, Mormon families have contributed nearly all of the $6.9 million to the Yes on 102 campaign. What is going on here?

While the combined donations of members of the Church of Latter Day Saints (aka the Mormon Church, headquartered in Utah) make up the largest source of donations, individuals and companies outside the LDS organization are contributing massive funds as well.  The top 10 individual donors to the Yes on Prop 8 campaign are listed below. Many of them are public companies.  I suggest we boycott those companies and tell them why.  There are millions of gay people in California, and millions more of our friends and family who support our right to marry.  Vote on November fourth against proposition 8, but vote with your wallet as well.  Hit them where it hurts – boycott companies making donations to the Yes on Prop 8 campaign or you’ll help pay for the campaign against your own rights.

Update 11/16/08:

Click here for a list of all mormon donors to the “Yes on Prop 8” campaign, who gave $1,000 or more.  The site is owned and operated bu the Mormon church.


From CaliforniansAgainstHate.com:

1. Knights of Columbus – $1,425,000
KOC is the political arm of the Catholic Church

2. John Templeton / Josephine Templeton – $1,000,00
Sound familiar? Check your 410k… you may own Templeton Funds

3. Howard Ahmanson, Jr. – $995,000
Major contributor to numerous far right political causes.

4. National Organization for Marriage – $941,134.80
Sizable, early support for www.protectmarriage.commakes NOM chiefly responsible for the qualification of Prop 8.

5. Robert Hurtt – $550,000
Former Orange County Senator

6. American Family Association – $500,000
According to its website, the “AFAexists to motivate and equip citizens to change the culture to reflect Biblical truth and traditional values.”

7. Elsa Prince -$450,000 (from Holland, MI just like Joe the Plumber)

Her husband invented the lighted sun visor mirror making them billionaires. Her son Erik is best known for being the co-founder and CEO of Blackwater Worldwide (remember Blackwater, Iraq?)

8. Focus on the Family – $439,643,66 (I thought this number would be higher, frankly)

Founded in 1977 by James Dobson, FOTF is the most powerful evangelical ministry in the Country.

One of James Dobson’s more famous quotes: “Communities do not let prostitutes, pedophiles, voyeurs, adulterers, and those who sexually prefer animals to publicly celebrate their lifestyles, so why should homosexuals get such privileges?”

9. Concerned Women for America – $409,000

Founded by the wife of Christian Coalition founder Timothy LaHaye.  She was quoted in Ms. Magazine as saying “Yes, religion and politics do mix.  America is a Nation based on biblical principles.  Christian values dominate our government.  The test of those values is in the Bible.  Politicians who do not use the Bible to guide their public and private lives do not belong in office.”

10. Terry Caster & Family – $293,000

The Caster family owns A-1 Self Storage.  Interestingly, they don’t mind taking money from queers needing to store their belongings.


Remember being really careful about where you spent your money to avoid supporting Apartheid in South Africa?  We need to know where the money we spend is going now.  Boycott these businesses!  Here is a suggestion from another blog:

Many Californians Ski Utah, where tourism is big business.  Consider canceling reservations there, tell them you’re not coming back, and tell them why. Someone may get the hint.