Prop 8 Supporters Threaten Recall of CA Supreme Court Justices


Un-fucking-believable… I am simultaneously outraged and frightened.  Prop 8 supporters are threatening the Justices of the California Supreme Court, and it is the responsibility of those judges not to let fear of recall influence their votes?  How are they supposed to do that?  If it’s not gay marriage, what is the next issue they will be threatened with?  And how are they to vote judiciously and in accordance with the constitution of the State of California if they are under threat?

Is there any length to which these “people” will not go to to ensure gay couples cannot marry?  At what point will “good” “Christians” draw the line?  They shoot doctors who perform abortions, will they start shooting clergy who perform same-sex commitment ceremonies next?  I am furious!

Recall specter hangs over high court as it considers Prop 8 challenges

Backers of the measure banning gay marriage have said they will target justices who vote to overturn it.

… opponents of gay marriage have warned that they will work to oust any justice who votes against Proposition 8, a threat particularly palpable in a year when voters in other states have booted six state high court justices after campaigns by special interest groups.

“It is a time of lots of crocodiles in the bathtub,” said Santa Clara University law professor Gerald Uelmen, who has followed the court for decades. “Their oath requires them to ignore these kinds of political threats. But the threat of having to face a contested election is a significant one.”

Uelmen was using a metaphor coined by the late California Supreme Court Justice Otto Kaus, a Democrat who served on the court with Chief Justice Rose Bird before voters removed her and two justices over their opposition to the death penalty.

Kaus later said that as hard as he tried to decide cases impartially, he was never sure whether the threat of a recall election was influencing his votes.


4 Responses to Prop 8 Supporters Threaten Recall of CA Supreme Court Justices

  1. armchairmba says:

    Well if any of the supremes donated money to the support proposition 8, they have already been targeted by the blacklist going around. The conservatives are furious as well. The will of the people voted across America. Not one of these prop 8 bills passed in any part of the country this election cycle. And thank goodness Barack seems to support our side:

  2. achievementgap says:

    Oh My God! This is the best comment ever! You sent me to a link that disproved your own point. LOL. You are a Moron and win the Moron of the Day award. Your prize? A post devoted to you on my page.

  3. D. C. LaRocca says:

    Don’t be outraged, you’ll end up with high blood pressure like me.
    These “good Christians” are grasping at straws because they know the world will no longer suffer their prejudice and repetitious folly. The bigots spent huge amounts of money to buy Prop 8. That money could have been spent to help real Christian causes like feeding the homeless and comforting the oppressed. My real Christian upbringing taught me not to judge others. But on the other hand I learned to be a good fruit picker. A bad tree yields bitter fruit. A good tree offers fruit that is sweet.
    Those bozos deal in hate.
    At length the world will come to know them, their bitterness seething; rancid, and evil.

  4. achievementgap says:

    Thank you DC. I’m like Rachel Maddow – well, not as cool or good looking… or smart… damn! I’m not much like her at all – except I need to be talked down, alot.

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