Moron of the Day Award – November 20


And the winner is…

Phil Walzak (sp?) of Alaska on why he voted for Ted Stevens (R Sen – Alaska) in his recent (failed) bid for reelection following a conviction for failing to report $250,000 worth of gifts:

I voted for him for the things he did in the past, and maybe as a, a way of saying that people in Washington shouldn’t be making decisions for us on what’s right and wrong.

Uh, like, following the law Phil?

Via NPR, All Things Considered, Wednesday, November 20th.


13 Responses to Moron of the Day Award – November 20

  1. culturepress says:


  2. culturepress says:

    Seriously. NOOOOOOO!!!!

  3. achievementgap says:

    LOL… I couldn’t make up anything this good. ‘fraid it’s true. 🙂

  4. achievementgap says:

    And another thing while I’m at it. Check this out:

    Read the comments from “Darwin.” Oh My God. The irony of it all… “Darwin?” I just had to approve the comments, they were too good to pass up.

  5. culturepress says:

    Darwin??? I love it! I just added a comment on that post in response to Darwin’s.

    This person obviously needs to read a book or two. Talk about irony… a person of such ignorance and small-mindedness going by such a name.

  6. achievementgap says:

    Not to mention… Darwin? As in Charles? As in evolution? As in God didn’t create the world in 6 days? Is there another Darwin she might have been referring to? God my stomach hurts from laughing.

    Nice response to her by the way. Athough you know you’re an elitist, right? Knowing all that stuff about the government… confusing hapless Christians with facts.

  7. culturepress says:

    LOL you are so awesome! Thanks for looking at my response to “Darwin.” I’d like to nominate “Darwin” as the “Moron of the Day” for Friday, November 21. 🙂

  8. culturepress says:

    Oh wait, I see there’s already a “Moron of the Day” for 11/21!!

    Good choice for today’s moron!

    Yeah. Princeton. I’m a UC alum myself, so I feel the same way. 🙂

  9. achievementgap says:

    Sorry, a Princeton grad already got it. Maybe tomorrow if nothing better turns up I’ll feature Darwin. Turns out there are too many morons to limit it to one per day! And no, YOU, are awesome! Have a great weekend. Are you going to Sac?

  10. culturepress says:

    Have a faulous weekend, too!

    I was supposed to go to the Sac rally tomorrow, but have a deadline to meet and must work all weekend instead 😦 Are you going?

  11. culturepress says:

    [I meant a “fabulous” weekend!]

  12. achievementgap says:

    No, my family’s coming up from So Cal for Thanksgiving. Wish I could go. I’ve never been to Sacramento! (I’m a rotten citizen)

  13. culturepress says:

    You’re not at all a rotten citizen 🙂 You’re doing your part–above and beyond! And I hope you get to have a great Thanksgiving with your family!

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