Gay & Straight Water Fountains


Well.  For me this says it all, but it got a “letter to the editor” in our local paper.  And the guy wasn’t complaining about the racial component to this cartoon, an argument I have some empathy for.  He’s just offended.  What do you think?




Insulting cartoon

EDITOR: I find the Thursday cartoon by Mike Peters offensive and insulting to anyone who ascribes to marriage being between one man and one woman. Peters implies we are prejudiced for what we believe. Why would you be so insensitive as to allow such a blatant caricature to be published? I voted for Proposition 8 because I believe it represents what is traditional, and that it should be held as such.

I am not a Mormon, and my church had nothing to do with my vote. I am fed up with the in-your-face gay movement. I have three nephews who are gay, and they do not force their gender preferences on others, nor do they denigrate my preference. I respect them. What I cannot respect is activists who will not accept a democratic vote. The image of gay-rights activists marching, desecrating churches and creating havoc is antithetical to their cause.

Get rid of the gay pride parades showing naked, tattooed and hair-spiked gays, and maybe you will have more respect from those of us who want to be tolerant and understand you better. And in the process, try to be more tolerant of our beliefs. You are not the only people on this earth.



Via The Press Democrat, Tuesday, Nov 18, 2008.


One Response to Gay & Straight Water Fountains

  1. I agree we still have a long way to go!

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