Santa Rosa LGBTQ Protest – November 15th (Pictures)


Our little metropolis!  The papers say 1,500 people showed up.  Lots of folks say that the press underrepresented the real total.  But I suck at estimating these things, so I can’t really say.  All I know is I couldn’t see the beginning or the end of the line of people at some points.  It was an awesome turnout.







The lime grean sign in the corner… that’s mine!  I made it and we gave it to one of our Sister friends.





Got lots of comments on how a hateful, violent protest was inevitable.  Those two above are proof of all the “hatefulness” floating around.  Quit looking so damn happy and loving you two!  🙂  And what’s up with that happy lady below, toting around an American flag??




My friend Ang. is in this picture.  She’s holding a sign celebrating her own recent nuptials!  Congrats again A & N!!





And my favorite picture of all, just because it’s cool…



3 Responses to Santa Rosa LGBTQ Protest – November 15th (Pictures)

  1. culturepress says:

    These are fabulous photos! Thanks for posting them!

  2. achievementgap says:

    Thanks for yours too CP. Glad you had a great day. What about San Diego hah? Amazing turnout.

  3. culturepress says:

    I can’t believe San Diego’s massive turnout! They had SF beat by two or three-fold!

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