What’s Your Sign?


What’s your protest sign for Saturday?  Come with your own signs and if you can, bring extras.  Remember the stick for your sign can be no thicker than 1/4 inch.  Here are some ideas: 

Updated November 14, 2009

  • Everybody on the bus now, and sit where you please!
  • Gays to the back of the Bus?  NO!
  • Keep Your Religion out of My Government
  • Boston Marriage: Not Just For Boston
  • I Corinthians 13 (and ifyou can fit it, “And now these three remain: Faith, Hope and Love.  But the greatest of these is love.
  • Even your magical underwear cannot save you now
  • Civil Rights: Not Just Black and White Anymore (with Civil RIghts in rainbow colors)
  • Equality For All
  • Straight.  Married.  Christian.  Pro-Gay Marriage.
  • These Colors Don’t Run (rainbow sign)
  • Prop 8 Can’t Legislate My Love
  • Stop Hate, Ban Prop 8 (or H8te or H8)
  • Civil Rights Not Civil Unions
  • Don’t Teach our Children Discrimination
  • No! to Majority Tyranny
  • Give Me Back My RIghts
  • The courts exist to protect minority rights you blithering idots (LOL!!)
  • Yes We Can!  (in rainbow colors)
  • Marriage is a Human Right, Not a Heterosexual Privilege
  • My Marriage Doesn’t Need Protection
  • Str8 Against H8
  • I’m Gay and Was Married in a Christian Church
  • Restore Traditional Marriage:  Women = Property
  • Restore Traditional Marriage: Ban Interracial Marriages
  • I don’t want my children learning discrimination in schools.
  • Whose rights will we eliminate next?
  • Whose rights are next?
  • The constitution is not your pulpit.
  • The constitution is not your bible.
  • Ban Marriage of Church and State
  • I Hate 8!
  • No Blame, Just Action
  • I said LOVE thy neighbor! LOVE! – God
  • Less Fire and Brimstone, More Love Thy Neighbor – God
  • Would you choose a “Civil Union?”  Neither would we.
  • Separate is Not Equal
  • I assume the Gay Chickens will remain caged?
  • Gay is the New Black
  • When do we get to vote on your marriage?  or Can We Vote on Your Marriage Too?
  • Against Gay Marriage?  Don’t Have One.
  • Protect the Sanctity of Marriage!  Ban Divorce.
  • The Menendez brothers can get married but I can’t?
  • First class tax payer, second class citizen
  • We All Deserve the Freedom to Marry
  • Separate Church and Hate, or Separate Church and State
  • Keep your Church out of My State
  • Rights Aren’t Just For the Rightous
  • Did you H8 somebody you love?
  • R.I.P. – California Marriage Equality, May 16, 2008 – November 4, 2008 (on a gravestone)
  • Equal Rights for All
  • You Can’t Amend Love
  • No More Mrs. Nice Gay (love this one)
  • Shame on You, or Shame on the Church
  • No Laws on Love
  • All Marriages Are Equal
  • Hate is Easy, Love Takes Courage
  • Yes to Love, No to Hate (or H8 or H8te)
  • Commitments of Love Are Never Wrong
  • Love Makes a Family
  • Why do you H8 my family?
  • Protect Marriage Equality
  • Whose Rights are Next?
  • Bigotry is Not Very Christ-Like
  • God Created the Rainbows so I Could Walk to Heaven
  • Keep Your Magic Undies Off My Civil Rights (this one makes me laugh)
  • You have two wives, I want one husband, or I don’t need 5 wives, one husband will do
  • Oh Well, I wasn’t using my civil rights anyway
  • All We Need is Love
  • Born to Love
  • Civil Rights are Family Values
  • Family is a Family Value
  • Focus on Your Own Family
  • Gay Rights are Civil Rights
  • Gay Unions – Another Coalition of the Willing
  • Gays are Family Members Too
  • Hate is Not a Family Value
  • Discrimination – Now That’s a Choice
  • I Love My Family
  • I Vote
  • I Pay Taxes
  • Institutionalize Homosexuals – Support Gay Marriage
  • Live and Let Love
  • Love is a Family Value
  • Love is the Law
  • Love not H8te (or H8 or Hate)
  • Love Knows No Gender
  • Never Again – End Homophobia
  • Organize
  • Protect Marriage – Let’s Expand It
  • Proud to be a Gay American (I’d do this one with an American flag graphic)
  • So This is Why They Call It Wed Lock
  • Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Gay Neighbor’s Marriage
  • We The People – That Means All of Us
  • What Part of Love Do You Not Understand?
  • Who’s Destroying Whose Marriages?
  • Will Work for Equal Rights
  • Will Work for Gay Marriage 
  • The Gay Agenda:
    1. Equality
    2. See Item 1
  • The Homosexual Agenda:
    1. Be Treated Equally
    2. Spend Time With Family
    3. Buy Bread
  •  i-ro-ny (noun)
    Def: Polygamists now supporting traditional marriage.


These came from Join the Impact, SmallTownGayBlog, JournalFen, friends and family.  And there are more good, free printable graphics at Kevin J. Furst: Design For Change.






8 Responses to What’s Your Sign?

  1. culturepress says:

    Oh these are VERY CREATIVE! I couldn’t think of anything but “Restore Equality” (I’m not so good with coming up with slogans and such). I love “Gay is the New Black” and “Focus on Your Own Family” — Brilliant–we’ll have to use those in San Francisco this Saturday, if that’s okay with you!!!

  2. achievementgap says:

    Of course it’s ok!!!! They aren’t mine. The two you picked are two of my faves. I also, in the moments I am trying to channel the Dalai Lama, like “Love makes a family.”

  3. Candice says:

    “Keep Your Church Out of My State” depends on how you’re defining the word “state” – Most every other country in the world sees “state” and thinks “nation-state” while here in the US it’s synonymous for “Congressionally represented territory of the USA” and “secular government”.

    But then, I’ve just come out of a semester of international relations, so my idea of how normal people react on seeing the word “state” may be skewed.

    (I wish I could come! I want to give my home state a swift kick in the constitution, but unfortunately am now a registered Virginia voter.

    [My ideal sign would read, “Would *you* choose a civil union? / Neither would we.” on the front and “Separate is not equal.” on the back.])

  4. achievementgap says:


    You crack me up. I WAS thinking that… duh. “Keep your church out of my STATE OF CA.”

    Funny, because it’s not my normal definition of State. I usually think ‘Nation State,’ but due to the extensive involvement of the LDS Church in the State of CA, I thought, “keep the Mormons off of my state constitution.” LOL. Maybe I will carry a “Keep your Church Out of my State” sign in your honor.

    I’ll add your sign suggestions to the list. Thanks. Wish you could be here too.


  5. culturepress says:

    Achievementgap–have a fun and fabukous rally tomorrow! I will definitely post pics from the San Francisco rally!

    Thanks for all the support!

  6. culturepress says:

    Er… I meant “fabulous.” Me and typos–we’re inseparable…

  7. Meredith says:

    There’s room for Adam and Eve AND Adam and Steve!

  8. culturepress says:

    I’ve posted a few photos from our San Francisco rally!

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