Did you just eat your civil rights?


If you eat at a restaurant that donated money to the Yes on Proposition 8 campaign, you gave money too.   The list below is limited to ownership and decision-making upper management – no restaurant is being penalized because it’s employees made a decision to donate to Yes on 8.  The donors and donations have been verified.

  • Burger King
  • Outback Steakhouse
  • El Pollo Loco (specific locations)
  • Yard House
  • El Torito
  • Chevy’s
  • Alcapulco
  • El Coyote

There will be a protest rally today at El Coyote Cafe.  It’s important to support this protest, even though El Coyote’s Mormon owner has donated “only” $100 to support the passage of Prop 8.  This is a landmark LA restaurant.  It has fed and employed generations of LAs queers, taken their money and profitted off of their labor.  What a hypocrite she is!  (She also makes a huge profit on alcohol – isn’t that kinda anti Mormon?)

This list is via Kicking A Lion and can be verified at laist.com.


14 Responses to Did you just eat your civil rights?

  1. ditchu says:

    Did you vote?
    If you did than you excersized your Cival Rights.
    Good day,

  2. achievementgap says:

    I do not understand this comment. Are you implying my only civil right is my right to vote?

  3. achievementgap says:

    You are quite welcome!

  4. ditchu says:

    If you did vote then you excersized your Civil Rights, if you did not then you handed them over to those who had voted.

    My implication is that our Cival rights are predicated on how we vote. In effect we as citizens control our own vote, that vote controls the outcome of our “Civil” Rights.
    No matter how much money wasted on propaganda the Vote is what couts and it is the Voters that have voice their opinions at the polls on this Propisition 8. I doubt very much that the efforts of time and money accounted for the results, at best it was wasted beyond the point to just tell the voter what the Propisition was. Also, I thought it was their money to waste how ever they wanted to. If the result of the voted in Propisition infringed on your rights then it is up to the supreme court to over-turn the Law, as in Row vs. Wade if I’m not mistaken. The time for your civil unrest (Protest) was prior to the Balloting.


  5. achievementgap says:

    Hi Ditchu,

    Of course I voted. I was raised to believe being an educated voter is my civic duty. I take it very seriously.

    We agree on more than we disagree – except on a couple of points. The first is your assertion that, knowing the meaning of Prop 8, the results of the election were a foregone conclusion and the money was wasted. The election was way too close for that to be true. From the Yes on 8 perspective it was money well spent. They ran a phenomenally succesful campaign, with the Mormon church at the forefront of the battle, and they should congratulate themselves. It was a feat of organization and skill. One we, No on 8’ers, should take a lesson from.

    The second point on which we disagree is that the time for civil unrest has passed. The time for civil unrest is always NOW! There is no better time than now. Martin Luther King, Jr. said it perfectly, of course:

    “The time is always right to do what is right”

    Thanks for your comments,

  6. ditchu says:

    You must know that Martin Luther King jr. did not support Civil unrest. It was always Civil Disobediance, keeping to the hard rule to not disrupt the going’s on of an estabilishment but to be present and show forth one’s support in a Civil manner instead of Shouting, threatning, vandalising, or Rioting, each of which is Civil Unrest.

    If you want to “Protest” right, the first thing you should do is obtain a public gathering permitt, or parade permitt with what ever city you plan to gather in.

    Lately too many of these “Protests” have happened without the Public awareness or proper safty notices and so many people show up the “Protest” gets out of control and property is vandalised, people are hurt, and “Protesters” Riot. I hope you have planned well and can keep everyone in check so ya’all don’t get yourselves teargassed or maced. In fact Dr. Luther would see it as a failure in a Protest if the Police had to respond to ensure the safty of law abiding citizens.

    As for the “Mormons” being at the forfrount of the Pro prop 8: That is only because people of other faiths bring up the involvement of known “Mormons” who took a stance on the issue, in hopes to diminish their stature in the public eye, while other groups that had a large effect on the propaganda hid behind the various lables. Also I do not see any evidance that the LDS Church itself had any part in the Prop 8 campain.

    Good day, (and at least keep it safe)

  7. ditchu says:

    So the official “Involvement” of the LDS Church is that they “requested that phone calls made from Church members be made by California registered voters.”

    Sounds like a limmiting factor in the “movement” in support of Prop 8.
    The artical expresses that the push for Prop 8 was led by some comunity group calling itself : “the Protect Marriage Coalition” not the LDS Church.

    The involvement beyond the request that members that are not Regestered Voters in California to not make the phone calls, is with members not the Church.

    Thank you, mkhblink, for helping to clear that up for us all.

    Good day,

  8. ditchu says:

    When you say the church are you talking about the Church as an official entity, or do you mean that the members are taking action themselves. I read the artical and it seems to me that the members were acting of their own free will and not acting out of the guidance of the church, the only action that the official entity of the LDS church seems to be that of asking that people not make calls if they do not have the voting privilage on the issue. Seems like all of the hubub about the Mormons leading the Prop 8 campain is incorrect, because it all seems to point to the LDS Church taking official action to push the Propisition, but what I am seeing is several groups and many citizens some happen to be “Moromn” acting as citizens. the only official action from the Church is to ask people to respect the state bounderies, by not making calls unless they are voters of the state to which they would make the calls.

    Doesn’t sound like the evil politicing church you all seem to want to make them out to be.

    I do thnik that when it says, “The Church is participating with the Coalition in support of this endeavor.” I do see that the LDS Church has not made any statment to its members to not take part in the efforts of the effort, but that “The church” refers to the membership not percisily the entity that is knowen as the LDS Church. I ask you where is the official Church paycheck to any of the Pro 8 advertizers? many keep saying the LDS Church put forth these ads but where is the expense report?

    I will correct my statment: Now, I see that the involvement of the LDS Church was a limmiting factor in the Pro Propisition 8 movement, I still see no further action on behalf of the Church in this political issue.


  9. achievementgap says:


    From my perspective, it doesn’t matter whether you call it civil disobedience, civil unrest, a protest, march, demonstration, or rally… it is semantics to me. It is all good as long as it doesn’t get violent. Violence is dangerous, unproductive, likely to alienate. It’s certainly not my goal. There may be people who disagree with me but I suspect they are in the minority.

    The organizers of tomorrow’s National Day of Protest (www.jointheimpact.com) have spelled out, in detail, based on location, our legal obligations and restrictions. We even know how thick the sticks on our signs can be. They have called for a peaceful and respectful demonstration for the rights of the LGBTQ community. I expect the day to unfold very non-violently.

    I’m sure you have no problem with this type of “protest.”


  10. ditchu says:

    I just hope that nobody shows up to cause trouble. that could be disastorus for all involved.

    Have a good time,

  11. achievementgap says:


    There are always troublemakers – particularly around very devisive issues. It’s our job to ignore them and the job of the police to keep them under control. It will be a great day!


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