Say “I Do” to Marriage Equalilty


Sign the pledge to show your support for MarriageForward and their 5 point plan:

  1. A greater focus on including straight alies in the fight for civil marriage equality.
  2. Increased emphasis on engaging minority and underserved communities on gay rights issues.
  3. Better utilization of new media to build a natinal network of people – gay and straight – who can present a show-of-force on gay rights issues simply by virtue of standing up and being counted.
  4. A national public education campaign designed to preemptively guarding against misinformation campaigns like the one launched against gays in California’s Proposition 8 campaign.
  5. An effort to jumpstart a national conversation about the civil nature of marriage.

The Civil Marriage Alliance is a new grassroots organization devoted to achieving civil marriage equality by aggressively reaching out not only to gay people, but to all people.

The Marriage Forward Team is large and diverse. Not simply racially diverse (though we are that), but intellectually, politically, religiously…you name it. We are gay and straight, black and white, Mexican and Chilean, Democrats, Libertarians and Republicans (calm down, Republicans are people too), Jews and Gentiles, and of course we are L-G-B-T-Q-A and everything in between. We are young and old–although, admittedly, we are mostly young. But more important than our individual political, racial, or religious identities, we are a group of people bound by common purpose and belief: That all people are created equal and therefore should be afforded civil marriage equality under the law. We further believe that sooner or later history will acknowledge the wisdom of this belief. But we’d like it to be sooner rather than later. So here we are. The other side has money, fear, and a massive infrastructure for organizing and mobilization. If we want to compete with them, let alone beat them, we need to do more and be better at what we do.

Via Admit It – I Write What You Think


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