Do Mormons Deserve Equal Protection Under the Law?


Via Do Mormons Deserve Equal Protection Under the Law?
Rick Jacobs of The Courage Campaign
Huffington Post, October 20, 2008

We take for granted that this nation was founded to allow for equality and acceptance of religious observation and belief, provided the government stays out of religion and religion stays out of government. Jews gained from that “tolerance” as much as anyone. And by the way, so did Mormons, who were chased across the country by Christians who found their latter-day teachings heretical, cultish and worthy of death.

Why are Mormons, some fundamentalist Christians and apparently the Roman Catholic Church arrayed to attack my rights? How do I in any way undermine any of the beliefs or institutions of those religions? I feel laid bare that people I do not know can vote secretly to remove my rights. This is, unfortunately, reminiscent of Nazi Germany’s Nuremberg Laws that led to Kristallnacht, that horrible event 70 years ago next month that resulted in the burning of over 200 synagogues and countless other Jewish-owned establishments. The Nazis stripped rights from Jews piecemeal until finally Jews lost the right to eat and then to live.


2 Responses to Do Mormons Deserve Equal Protection Under the Law?

  1. Terra says:

    Not right, not right at all…

  2. Seth R. says:

    I’m a Mormon, and I oppose Prop. 8.

    Don’t lump us all together. We’re more diverse than you think.

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