Honor Roll 2 – Newspapers Against Proposition 8

Support these publications for their public stands against Proposition 8!


Los Angeles Times

It’s a drastic step to strip people of rights.

The San Diego Union Tribune

Prop 8… [singles] out a particular group for discrimination, a move that offends many Californians’ sense of fairness.

Orange County Register

Revoking same-sex couples’ right to marry doesn’t belong in the state constitution. We recommend a “no” vote on Prop 8.

The Riverside Press-Enterprise

There is no compelling public policy reason to reverse that arrangement, and voters should say no to Prop. 8.

Contra Costa Times

Reject Proposition 8. We strongly urge voters to carefully consider the harm Prop. 8 would do not just to gays, but to all Californians, and reject the initiative.

The Sacramento Bee

Californians should reject the call to amend the state constitution to exclude some people from marriage. That would be a black mark on the constitution, just as past exclusionary acts remain a stain on California’s history.

The San Francisco Chronicle

Californians should reject Proposition 8.

The Napa Valley Register

Vote no on Proposition 8. In our view, Proposition 8 is a misguided and unconstitutional proposal. We urge voters to reject Proposition 8.

The San Jose Mercury News

Proposition 8 — End right to gay marriage: No

The Palm Springs Desert Sun

Reject the rejection of same-sex marriage. Same-sex marriage does not diminish marriage between a man and a woman. It’s a basic civil right that everyone – regardless of gender – should have. The time has come. Therefore, we oppose Proposition 8.

The New York Times

California voters will have a chance in November to protect the rights of gay men and women, and to preserve the state’s Constitution. They should vote against Proposition 8, which seeks to amend that Constitution to prevent people of the same sex from marrying.

Redding-Record Searchlight

Same-sex vows cause no harm to our families. The reasons given for Proposition 8 just don’t stand up to scrutiny.

La Prensa San Diego

We believe that if two people are in love and they want to get married, we as a State should not legislate against the happiness of these people. We Urge a No Vote on Prop. 8.

Ventura County Star

Editorial: Proposition 8 denies rights. ‘No’ vote stands for fairness.”

The Tracy Press

We don’t like taking away civil rights, which is why we recommend a no vote on Proposition 8.

Santa Cruz Sentinel

Even people with reservations about same-sex marriage should consider the import of voting against a legal right. We support the right under California law for gays and lesbians to marry. Vote no on Proposition 8.

The San Francisco Bay Guardian

Proposition 8: Ban on same-sex marriage.  NO, NO, NO

The San Gabriel Valley Tribune

Vote ‘no’ on Prop. 8.

La Opinión

Una propuesta innecesaria. Estamos con el NO a la Proposición 8.

Daily Iowan

California should vote No. Denying the rights of same-sex couples to marry is ultimately denying that they are people who are worthy of the same dignity and respect as everyone else.

LA Daily News

Reject Proposition 8. California is better than that.

Santa Rosa Press Democrat  (this is my paper!)

Marriage is a fundamental right that belongs to same-sex couples just as it belongs to opposite-sex couples. The Press Democrat recommends a no vote on Proposition 8.

The Bakersfield Californian

Californians need to move beyond the divisiveness that Prop. 8 has engendered and embrace tolerance and reconciliation. Live and let live.

The Daily Bruin

It is contradictory and hypocritical to stand as an American and talk about the foundation of equality, tolerance and fairness of the nation, and then to turn our backs on other citizens who are equally entitled.

AsianWeek Endorsements

Our California Constitution guarantees the same freedoms and rights to everyone—no one group should be singled out or treated differently.

LA Downtown News

Gays and lesbians deserve the same right to marriage that the rest of Californians enjoy. Vote no on Proposition 8.

The Fresno Bee

The state constitution shouldn’t be used to turn some people into second-class citizens. Vote “no” on Proposition 8.

The San Francisco Business Times

It’s wrong to deprive certain citizens of basic rights.

The Daily Californian

The scare tactics used by proponents are shamelessly spurious. Note that Proposition 8 makes no mention of changes to the curriculum taught in classrooms or to the tax-exemption status of churches.

San Diego City Beat

The good news is that young people are overwhelmingly supportive of gay-marriage.


5 Responses to Honor Roll 2 – Newspapers Against Proposition 8

  1. Ella Porter says:

    Ok, so we get it. The press thinks gay marriage is a right. Barack Obama, Joe Biden, John McCain, and Sarah Palin all agree that same sex marrige should not be legalized and the definition of marriage is between a man and a woman. Can all four of them be wrong? Where do our rights come from? In this case, from the California State Supreme Court. If we allow our rights to come from the courts (appointed attorney’s is all they are) then the courts can take away those rights. And our end will be only tyranny and a trampling of rights. Governments can only have rights granted to them from the people. The people voted in 2000 overwhelmingly that same sex marriage is not a right. The judiciary must be stopped lest we all live under tyrannical rule. Yes on 8.

  2. achievementgap says:

    Get your facts straight before you shoot your mouth off Ella. Both Barack Obama and Joe Biden have publicly spoken against Proposition 8, as have our governor, our two Senators, my district’s representative, and the California Superintendent of Schools… as well as hundreds of other religious and community leaders, and elected officials.

    Barack Obama

    Joe Biden

    Governor Schwarzenegger

    Senator Feinstein

    Senator Boxer

    Representative Woolsey

    Jack O’Connell – The California Superintendent of Schools

    Dozens of elected officials

    Anthony Romero, Executive Director of the ACLU

    Clergy of many denominations

    Some Mormons


    Churches and other faith-based organizations

    Labor, civil rights, community, state and national organizations

    Business leaders

    Parents whose children were used in “Yes on 8” campaign ad

    Leaders in Business, Entertainment and the Arts

  3. Me says:

    Um… Who cares what these morons oppose? Jesus is FOR prop 8! And that’s final! End of discussion!!

  4. achievementgap says:

    End of discussion?

    There will never be an end to this discussion until gay couples in this country have federal marriage rights. There is one thing the Yes on 8 campaign has right. California is a dam holding back a sea of change in this country…. as California goes, so goes the nation. You are right to be afraid of California voters. We may lose this battle but we will win the war. California will end illegal bans on same-sex marriage one day very soon and an end to state-sanctioned discrimination will spread across this country. Then and only then will it be end of discussion!

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