McCain’s Economic Advisor? – His VP candidate!


Wow.  The thing is, all Presidents need advisers.  None can be an expert in every area, or in any area.  I don’t expect John McCain to know everything about everything.  He needs advisers, and if his expertise is not the economy, so be it.  I’d prefer someone other than the president be making money decisions, as a matter of fact.  I do not hold his lack of economic experience against him.  What bother’s me is…

1. By his own admission he needs his VP to help explain economic issues to him?  So, you’d think he would pick a running mate with strong economic experience.  He picked Sarah Palin.  Um, John, Sarah Palin doesn’t even read the Wall Street Journal, how’s she supposed to advise you on economic issues?  She probably thought Fannie and Freddie were Lockhart’s dogs.  Oh wait, that’s right, she doesn’t know who James Lockhart is either.  Great adviser.  Anyway, Sarah is old news, so what also pisses me of about what this ad reveals is…

2.  John McCain knows he doesn’t have economic expertise.  But since the economic meltdown he has been blowing his own trumpet… “if only they’d listened to me in 2005, blah blah blah, we could have avoided the whole ‘collapse of the US economy thing.'” Like he was the economic herald we ignored to our own detriment.  He wasn’t.  And now we have the words out of his own mouth to prove it.  And KNOWING that, he picked Sarah Palin.  Great plan.

Luckily he won’t win.  If he had, we could have sued him for gross malfeasance.


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