Obama Yard Signs & a Devoted Fan


It doesn’t get any Bluer than Sonoma County, California.  That means it’s virtually impossible to get an Obama yard sign because they all go to swing states.  When I finally got mine, the metal frame was too big for the sign so I couldn’t use it.

My friend ordered hers online.  It finallycame a couple of days ago.  She set it up gleefully in her front yard, only to discover it missing the next morning.  In some places a McCain supporter would be the most likely culprit, but here it’s probably a jealous Obamaite who couldn’t get his own sign.

Anyway, pissed off, she marched into her garage and found a big cardboard box.  She flattened it out and painted her own Obama sign.  As of today, it has not been ripped off.  If it does, she’s painting her next sign on a piece of sheetrock and says “I’d like to see them try to carry that one off.”  LOL.


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