Obama is FUNNY!


My prObama post for the day…

We’ve just spent the past 8 years cringing at virtually every word that dropped out of Bush’s mouth.  McCain’s no fun either.  Vote for Obama.  He’ll crack you up.


Crap, John McCain’s funny too, who knew?  Bad argument.

… and there are several more segments of McCain’s speech after this one.  They’re really hilarious.


2 Responses to Obama is FUNNY!

  1. john says:

    God forbid we actually have a non-robot as a president! He seems a little too smart don’t you think? Too funny? I’m not sure we can trust a smart / funny person. I much prefer a 72 year old robot who gambles compulsively.

  2. bloggingmom67 says:

    You’re right. He is funny. The lines, I’m sure, where written for him. But it takes some panache to pull it off, and he did it.

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