Evangelical Christians vs. Mormons


Christians come out against Prop 8?  NO silly, they’re against Mormons!

Christian (?) advises other Christians to vote No on Prop 8, not because they disagree (gay marriage still a no-no!), but because it allows Mormons to get a stronger foothold in the Christian community.

Mormon advises flock to stay the course during the Yes on Prop 8 campaign, and go back to converting Christians after the election.

The No on 8 Christians even hijacked the Yes on 8 – Protect Marriage logo.  LOL!!  No on 8 doesn’t need me… they’re going to sabotage each other.

Click here to read.


One Response to Evangelical Christians vs. Mormons

  1. Robert says:

    NO on 8 still needs you! Don’t give up

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