Christianity and gay marriage


As I become more and more committed to (and obsessed by) defeating Proposition 8, I realize at a deeper level that I am fighting a battle I cannot win.  No single fact, no one piece of logic or reason, not a plea for tolerance and understanding, no impassioned demand for civil rights, nothing will win me this battle.  I’m fighting Christians, and the fundamental issue with the Christian’s I’m fighting (not all Christians) is that their religious belief systems supersede their allegiance to the American constitution.  Not to incite a riot – I’m just saying it seems like faith over country is driving the argument.

Our country (constitution) clearly states two things related to the issue.  That we, as Americans, keep religious issues and the government separate, and that the laws of the land do not discriminate against any group of people.  But if, in your belief system, homosexuality is up there at the top of the going-to-hell sin list, it’s probably easy to foget about our little constitutional traditions.  Placing God above country in your personal life is your constitutionally granted right.  Your PERSONAL life.   That’s right, you don’t get to make choices about my life and who I marry.  I don’t trust you to do that.

You see, Christians, like everyone, can make mistakes.  Actually, Christians have a history of making huge mistakes on civil rights issues.  And Christians, some of them, are making a mistake on this issue. 

  • In fact, I think the Inquisition was a pretty serious mistake- that whole “roving the world executing people who don’t agree with us in the name of Jesus Christ” thing.  Bad idea.
  • All right, that was several hundred years ago, and you think Christians are over it?  Um, how about Hitler?  The Catholic Church, initially and by its own admission, was allied with Hitler.

  • You’re not Catholic?  Ick, those crazy Catholics!  They’re just one saint shy of a coven for heaven’s sake!  Ok then, what about the systematic discrimination, torture and murder of blacks in the South by so-called Christian fundamentalists throughout the 20th century.
  • That’s harsh!  That was the past, and the south!  You live in modern, urban America. Can’t happen there.  Can you explain, then, the lynching of an effigy of Barack Obama at a Christian college in Oregon (which is, by the way, a teeny, tiny fraction of the religiously based hatred I’ve seen spewed at a decent Christian man over the past several months).  A lynching at a Christian college?  How Jesus is that?

I could go on and on about this.  I’m not saying I don’t make mistakes, or gay people don’t make mistakes… I’m just suggesting that if you’re Christian, and you are opposing same-sex marriage on religious grounds, you might want to entertain the possibility you’re wrong about this.  Just think about it.  Maybe your leaders are leading you astray?  There is a bit of history to support me on this one.


I know, you’re done with me.  Sorry, here’s a link to a great article on, Prop 8: Preying on California about Prop 8 and religion.  Here’s a little excerpt because know you won’t read it even though you should.

The church poking its nose into politics has too long been too pervasive and too powerful in Bush’s America. This continued effort against same-sex marriage is reminiscent of the Catholic Church’s inaction against anti-Semitic murder under Adolf Hitler. This Election Day, less than three weeks from now, churches are leading the hate and raising the banner as Americans are being persecuted, bashed and beaten all in the name of God.


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