Let California Ring – Vote No on Prop 8


This may be the very, very best video I’ve ever seen arguing for the rights of Caifornians and everyone in the US to marry. 


4 Responses to Let California Ring – Vote No on Prop 8

  1. This video is fantastic. Thanks for posting!

  2. Mary says:

    I know some people in California are not for Prop 8 passing and I completely understand why and i feel like a jerk in a way for supporting proposition 8. My reasoning is this. It is clearly a desire for gays to have religion sanctify their way of life. It can not be so. Any good religion will not sanctify stealing or murder or adultry or premarital sex and yet people want to force religion into sanctifying homosexual relations. It is clear homosexuality is not condoned by the bible. Because of that, homosexuals should not want the religious symbol of marriage to bind them. If i was a homosexual i would not want a religious term to bind me to my lover. I would want a union established by a secular source. Because if religion says my way of life is wrong, why would i want any part in it.
    Likewise, to those that are religious, marriage is sanctified and allowing it to homosexuals would debase it. Churches would be sued for discrimination and they aren’t discriminating. They are just choosing friends that are like them. Not that they don’t like gays, they just don’t condone their behavior and so like a person who is totally opposite from you, you don’t hang out like you are best friends.
    I feel like homosexuals are trying to make religion and sexual sin best friends.

  3. achievementgap says:

    Hi Mary. Thank you for your comments. They really got me thinking, and prompted me to write a longer post on the subject of religion and marriage.

  4. […] response to the “Let California Ring” (No on Prop 8) video I posted, I received the following comment: I know some people in […]

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