Have you ever almost choked to death from laughter?


It’s totally way more fun than it sounds.  I just almost died.  I friggin’ LOVE Rosanne Cash and I will vote for her as VP or anything other position she and her Chanel-wearing ass want to run for.  Here’s one precious little excerpt of a fabulous piece… do yourself a huge favor and read the whole thing.

Roseanne Cash’s first argument for why she’d make a fine Vice President

1. Focus on the Family

I am the mother of five children, just like Governor Palin. I have known the demands of managing a full-time career and motherhood at the same time. I have juggled a breast pump and a BlackBerry, and I know when to put the BlackBerry down. (To be perfectly honest, I did once send a text to the baby and tried to nurse my bass player. You learn from your mistakes.)

Thanks so much Tanene for this amaaaaazzzzing link.


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