An Open Question about Gay Marriage/Civil Rights


I have a question.  I assure you my question is not meant to be snarky or sarcastic.  I am asking because I am, quite frankly, dumbfounded.  I promise this is not a trap to lure you into leaving a comment which I will then publicly ridicule.  I really am interested in receiving non-hateful, thoughtful commentary on a very specific topic – teaching homosexuality in schools.

Although I welcome commentary from both sides of the debate, I’m pretty familiar with my own side… so this question question is particularly for you if you are against gay marriage (or against passing a Harvey Milk Day of Recognition in CA), either partially or in total, because you believe such measures will result in “homosexuality being taught in schools” (this is a quote from a comment I received on another one of my gay marriage postings.  The quotation marks do not indicate sarcasm).

Why do you think homosexuality will be taught by the public school system if gays are allowed to marry?  I truly don’t understand your fear.   First of all, I don’t understand what “teaching homosexuality” is.  What does that mean?  Secondly, I do not understand why you think public schools would do such a thing.  Where would the funding come from, how will the curriculum be developed and approved, who will teach it, will it be a separate, optional class… or mandatory in all classrooms?  I’m assuming it will be age-appropriate but at what age will it begin?  2nd grade?  I heard a Yes on Prop 8 ad on TV today warning parents 2nd graders will be taught homosexuality in school.  Is that the grade level we’ll start with?

I would be concerned about this too because I know teachers, straight and gay, and I know they don’t have the time or resources to teach the basics… let alone homosexuality.  But I think this perception indicates I do not understand what “teaching homosexuality” is.

Admittedly, it has been 30+ years since I was a 2nd grader so maybe I’ve forgotten.  But I seriously do not remember heterosexuality being taught.  Certainly images of same-sex nuclear families were, and continue to be, presented in picture books.  But aside from that reaffirmation of the majority/status quo, what exactly was I taught?  And, this is a little sarcastic, how effective was the lesson?  Clearly it didn’t stick.  🙂


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