So SUPREMELY Unqualified – This is the part of Katie Couric’s Sarah Palin interview the McCain campaign pressured CBS not to air…


“Come on Sarah, can you think of any Supreme Court decisions you disagree with?  You can do it!”

“Besides Roe v. Wade Sarah?”

“Well, try this one – Can you think of any Supreme Court decisions at all?”

“Sarah, besides Roe v. Wade”

“Ok, no.  How about naming any of the Supreme Court justices?”

“Besides that ‘that Italian guy,’ do you know how many other justices sit on the bench?”

“No, Sarah, don’t worry.  They have chairs.  Nice big comfy arm chairs.  They don’t have to sit on an actual bench.”

“Yes, I agree, that would be very uncomfortable.  Ok, then.  Right.  Here’s an easy one Sarah, where is the Supreme Court?”

“Um, no Sarah.  Washington State and Washington DC are two different places.

“Oh, that was a joke.  Ok, I get it.  Seattle.  And, not that it really matters, but Seattle’s not actually the capitol of Washington.”

“It’s Olympia Sarah.”

“Um, yeah, right… I’m sure most people do think it’s Seattle.”

“Yes, it is GREAT that you can name a city in Washingtion.  Well done!”

“Yes of course, you can.  Can we continue the interview when you’re done going potty?”




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