Shame on you Schwarzenegger! CA Governor Vetoes CA Bill AB 2567


In the midst of racing through hundreds of bills with a September 30th signing deadline, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed California bill AB 2567.  This bill was sponsored by Assemblymember Mark Leno, and was originally introduced on February 22nd.  It passed the California Assembly with a vote of 45 – 22 and passed the senate with a vote of 22-13.

Although he was uncharacteristically brief in his veto messages, due to time constraints, Schwarzenegger had time to comment on this particular bill:

… contributions should continue to be recognized at the local level by those who were most impacted by his contributions.

To me this is akin to suggesting we celebrate the significance of Martin Luther King’s life only if we are part of the African American community, or teach our children about the Ghandi’s contributions only if we are of Indian descent.  Many historical figures with whom we cannot personally relate have made contributions worthy of being honored.  I have never been a migrant worker, but I believe it is important for the state to recognize the life and achievements of Cesar Chavez.

Harvey Milk was a pacifist, a humanitarian and a champion of civil rights.  He dedicated his life, and paid with it, fighting for social equality.  According to Time Magazine, Harvey Milk was one of the 100 most influential people of the 20th century in the “Leaders and Revolutionaries” category.  Don’t be confused by the right wing rhetoric around this issue.  Declaring May 22nd Harvey Milk Day was not about creating a “gay day” in public schools. Schools would not have been required to even mention the day.   Here is the definition of what Harvey Milk Day would have meant:

SUMMARY :  Designates May 22 of each year as Harvey Milk Day, a day of special significance.  Specifically, this bill: 


1.  Makes Legislative findings and declarations regarding the life, careers, contributions and death of Harvey Milk.

2.  Adds May 22 of each year a Harvey Milk Day to the list of days having special significance.

3.  Encourages [not requires] all public schools and educational institutions to observe this day and conduct exercises remembering the life of Harvey Milk and recognizing his accomplishments and the contributions he made to this state.

4.  Requires the Governor to annually proclaim May 22 as Harvey Milk Day.

Other “Days of Significance” in California include Day of the Teacher (yay!), John Muir Day and California Poppy Day.  So… Harvey Milk’s contributions to the state of California are restricted to San Francisco where he served as a City Supervisor and are not as great as those of the California Poppy.  Do I have that right Governor Schwarzenegger?


8 Responses to Shame on you Schwarzenegger! CA Governor Vetoes CA Bill AB 2567

  1. amused says:

    You have that right!

  2. Tess Cordero says:

    Kudos to Governor Schwarzenegger! Thank you for listening to the voice of Californians. Supporters of the gay agenda are only the minority in California. Although they make the loudest noise, they do not reflect the views of the people. Harvey Milk may be a great person but he doesn’t deserve a state wide celebration. And please don’t even compare him to Martin Luther King!

  3. achievementgap says:

    To Tess Cordero:

    1. The bill passed both the Assembly and the Senate by an almost 2:1 margin. If our elected representatives are taking into consideration the wishes of their constituency THEY are responding to the “voice of California” not the governor.

    2. Gays are a minority, and they’re making the loudest noise? Um, isn’t that what civil rights protest is all about? Minorities making noise so they can be heard and get their issues addressed.

    3. Read the bill. I did. It did not call for a statewide celebration.

    4. I did NOT compare Harvey Milk to Martin Luther King. But, so what if I had? They were both great men working hard to be a voice for their communities and they were both shot dead by fanatics for threatening the status quo.

    Martin Luther King had a more lasting influence on the country, more fame, more visibility and a vision that affected greater numbers of people… but they spoke from the same place and for the same thing – equality. They spoke for civil rights, and for justice. They understood that that separate is never equal.

    Oh, yeah, and Time Magazine thinks it’s valid to put them on the same short list of people who made notable contributions to the 20th century…. not that I’m comparing myself to Time Magazine.

  4. sd_adam says:

    If you had access to the phone and other messages sent to the Governator regarding this Bill I am certain you would find that the vast majority of the State population was scared to death by this farce of a bill. WE (THE MAJORITY) DO NOT WANT HOMOSEXUALITY TAUGHT TO OUR KIDS. PERIOD. PLEASE STOP PUSHING YOUR (MINORITY) GAY AGENDA ON THE MAJORITY OF THE PEOPLE. YOUR LIFESTYLY CHOICE IS YOUR CHOICE, BUT THAT’S WHERE IT ENDS. The 2:1 vote by the state assembly is akin to hte vote by the US congress on the bailout measures–the VAST majority of US citizens were not in favor of a bailout but that didn’t sop the Congress from acting. Here’s hoping that Prop 8 passes with the same overwhelming majority–although I am certain you will immediately challenge the voice of the people just like you did last time around with Prop 22. Our only hope is that we don’t run into activist judges again.

  5. achievementgap says:


    Did you read the bill? Clearly you did not. Teaching tolerance, educating children in an age-appropriate way about important civic leaders, illustrating how activism can change the world for the better… in terms of public schools, that is what the bill was about, as I understood it (after reading it). Where in the bill does it mandate teaching “homosexuality to our kids?” What does “teaching homosexuality” even mean?

    I’m sorry it is scary for you to see society change in a direction that is uncomfortable for you. But this is a civil rights issue, and history will prove me right. Thank you for your comment. In general, I agree with you about activist judges.

  6. LostBoySF54 says:

    Amen to everything said in this blog. As for those comments from sd_adam and Tess, I’m so sorry to read how ignorant and hateful you are. Let’s be honest folks – this is a basic civil rights issue. No agenedas. It is who we are and something we can’t change…just like the color of people’s skin!

    As for this bill, it’s a shame the Governor vetoed it. Harvey Milk was an amazing man and we really should have a day to appreciate everything he did. My sincere appreciation goes out to him.

  7. LostBoySF54 says:

    Oops. I meant to write Tess, not you achievementgap. 🙂

  8. achievementgap says:

    I fixed it for you LostBoy! Thanks for your comments.


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