Rosh Hashanah vs. The World Economy


I think my state of mind could accurately be described as “spitting mad.”  I know I am spitting mad when my demeanor matches that of a pissed off Siamese cat, and my use of the word “Fuck” and it’s derivatives increases exponentially.

You see, I have an ear infection.  On my way home from work yesterday I was listening to KQED and I could have sworn I heard Jerry Neuman say something like “the bailout plan is going to have to wait becuase the House will be closing for Rosh Hashanah.”  Well, when you have an ear infection, a lot of things sound like roshhashanah.  “I must be mistaken,” I thought to myself.  Some Tylenol and a good night’s sleep, and I’ll laugh about this in the morning.  Um, not true.

In terms of economic IQ, I probably fall right around “average American.”  I took economics, can balance my check book, and sortof get the concept of a balanced portfolio.  But as far as grasping the fundamentals of how our economy functions, I’m pretty much an idiot.  The idea of a 700 billion dollar bailout of Wall Street firms is repugnant, but I think the collapse of the US economy is probably worse.  Right?  Doesn’t it have something to do with, um, creating a global economic disaster?  Gee, maybe I got that wrong.

It can’t be that bad if the US House of Representatives is taking ROSH HASHANAH off!  I must have misunderstood the gravity of the situation.  So the markets lost 1.2 trillion dollars on Monday?  They recovered half of it on Tuesday!  What the heck?  Go ahead and take Rosh Hashanh off!!  Shanah Tovah everyone!

I have a message [and here’s where the spitting mad part comes into play…] for Nancy Pelosi, Lynne Woolsey (my rep) and the rest of those God-damned overpaid, underperfoming mother-fuckers… Get the fuck back to work!  What in the hell are you thinking?  Are you on crack?  I don’t give a fuck if you celebrate Rosh Hashanah, Id al Fitr or fucking International Raccoon Appreciation Day (all of which are celebrated today), you have no business taking any time off right now.  Hello? I believe the world economy is at stake here? Get your fucking asses back to DC and fix this fucking mess. 

OH.   MY.   GOD.   I am so pissed off.  This is un-fucking-believable.


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