Support Obama w/ a Post Card Party


I’m not so great at the phone call thing, but I’ve been wanting to do something to support Obama.  Here’s a great idea (note there is an October 8th deadline):

Here is some information about organizing postcard parties for Obama if any of you are interested in doing this.
—– Original Message —–
Sent: Saturday, September 20, 2008 11:56 PM
Subject: post card parties

Hi Peggy,

Got your message but it’s a little late to call now so I’m e-mailing the general info. I’ll be around tomorrow afternoon after our church youth group which ends around 2:30 if you want to call again and we can chat. Post card parties are a really easy way to get involved. Everyone loves them.

Here’s the gist:

  • Put out your call for participants, whether that is by flyer, word of mouth, phone calls, through by setting up an event on your dashboard, or any other way you can think of.
  • Select a location where guests will be comfortable and have a writing surface or clipboard. This is typically a women’s event and we know we can work anywhere! We’ve used the floor and magazines in a comfy living room or picnic tables in the park so don’t worry about fancy. Offer refreshments if you so choose.
  • Each participant must pre-purchase 10 or more post cards, preferably those that show our lovely geographic area or state and enough 27-cent stamps for each card they write.
  • Direct your guests to hand write a short, personal message reflecting why they support Obama/Biden for President/VP and have them sign their first name and location. The more personal the message the more effective it is, and the chance that it might resonate with another voter is quite high. (I always use the fact that I’m a single mom, for example, and begin with “Dear friend”)
  • Make sure your guests include the website address so recipients can go there for additional info on the issues.
  • Leave the address part blank.
  • Gather all post cards and mail them off in bulk to the address below, either in a manila envelope with tissue wrap or a padded envelope, available at any post office, regular mail. UPS ground is also fine. Depending upon how many your group completes, the postage runs around $8.00 for about 300+ cards.

Mail post cards no later than October 8, 2008, to:

WFO Post Card Campaign
193 E. Rich Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215

Our counterpart, TaLisa Shepard, of Women For Obama in Ohio, is in charge of addressing and mailing out the cards along with her huge group of volunteers. They are working from master lists of undecided, Republicans who once voted Dem, undeclared, and Independent voters obtained from Chicago HQ, and will send to swing states as well as PA with a major focus on red counties in Ohio. We absolutely need to win Ohio this election so it’s possible that most will be mailed within that state right now. Make sure your guests do not indicate a state destination in their message, though, because it’s impossible for us to tell where TaLisa will send them as things change so quickly. It’s a great program and we did this all through the primaries with stellar results. We were even featured on the Obama blog.


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