Sarah Palin vs. The Wasilla Public Library, Part II


In which I stand corrected…

I suspected the full list of books she supposedly tried to have banned was at least partially untrue.  It is a laundry list of practically every book that anyone has tried to ban in recent years.  I was however, given what I know about her, at least somewhat suspicious that she tried to have some books banned.  It seems like something she would do – because she finds something personally objectionable, she attempts to legislate it out of life (or in some other way make it unavailable).

But I digress, I was wrong.  There is no evidence that she has tried to ban, or has in fact banned books from the Wasilla public library, nor that she attempted to have the librarian fired.  Proof (I’m a big Snopes fan):

My apologies.  That’s not to say my thought-provoking analysis of book banning in the 21st century is not worth a quick read.  LOL.


2 Responses to Sarah Palin vs. The Wasilla Public Library, Part II

  1. Neil Carson says:

    The issue is not that she actually tried to ban specific books, but actually brought up the subject as a mayor in her first meeting with the town librarian. Is this something that an average American would do in his or her first days as a mayor? Rhetorical? Maybe. But it also indicates a disturbing state of mind. After 8 years of Dick Cheney’s abuses and attempted abuses of power, do we really need a rerun?

  2. achievementgap says:

    If you read through my posts I doubt you can question my sincerity with regard to how much I loathe Sarah Palin and how committed I am to bringing making sure McCain and Palin are not elected. My position on book banning or attempted book banning is almost equally as strong. Go after Ms. Palin for the whole host of horrific values and postions she holds. She’s a frightening individual, likely to bring on a reign of domestic terror equal to that of Cheney’s international terror. I just don’t think we should be wasting time, and diverting attention from the real issues, by focusing on an incident that may or may not have happened.

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